NACDI Job Postings

Volunteer Coordinator: $2,000

•  Grows database of NACDI volunteers by 100 percent.

•  Recruits 25 – 30 volunteers to work on the two days of the Indigenous Peoples Day Festival.

•  Prepares and holds two mandatory trainings for the Festival volunteers.

•  Maintains oversight of volunteers on the two days of the Festival.

•  Assists the Chief Operating Officer with collecting surveys from audience participants.


Outreach Coordinator: $4,000

•  Assist with all community engagement meetings prior to the date of the Festival.

•  Does social media blasts and hangs posters around the Twin Cities in the promotion of the festival.

•  Conducts e-mail campaign to recruit audience participants.

•  Key liaison between all festival participants, audience, and the full-time NACDI staff.


Production Coordinator: $2,000

•  Creates all festival maps, layouts, and booth set-ups.

•  Leads all artist participants in a space and set-up training. Responsible for all production details of artist 


•  Hires a sound technician for the stage.

•  Works with NACDI full-time staff to rent and purchases proper chairs, tables, sound system, stage, and tents.

•  Makes directives for sign postage and equipment set-up

Ed Minnema

Chief Operations Officer


1414 East Franklin Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55404

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