• Melissa Olson posted an update 1 year ago

    I have some super exciting news to share! I am going to be joining TerraLuna Collaborative as an evaluator! That means I’m going to be starting down a new road in terms of work! I’m going to be working part time as a consultant for them which means I’ll have additional time to work on audio documentary and creative projects!

  • Got a call today from Lucy at American Indian Children and Family Services. Looks like myself and Lynn will present portions of our audio-documentary to the foster families who work with Lucy as a part of their ongoing training as foster parents sometime this summer!

  • Lynn Braveheart and I have been asked by Kristi Rendahl of the U of Minnesota at Mankato to speak at a career day for non-profit leadership in mid-February! Looking forward to it.

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  • My visit to Minot will now take place on November 20th. I will be speaking at Minot State University about our audio documentary. Thanks to Annette M. at Minot SU for her invitation! Excited.

  • Man, the New York Times reported last week that adoptees in Ontario have won a 750 Million dollar class action law suite related to their displacement as survivors of Canada’s 60s Scoop! Amazing! I really wish that adoptees here in the U.S. were organized in the same way. I believe they would also likely prevail in court.

  • I was happy to be invited to be in Roy Taylor’s Indigeneity Rising on KFAI Radio 90.3 fm two weeks ago. He aired a piece of our documentary and I gave a brief interview about our process. Lots of fun!

  • Congratulations to John Boyd for being offered a Spec. Ed teaching position at Hiawatha Academy! So proud of you!

  • I will be working with KFAI Fresh Air radio throughout the coming year to learn audio and digital storytelling skills! I am excited!

  • Will be presenting a talk about our audio documentary Stolen Childhoods at Minot State University in November. That same week, I will attend the Third Coast Audio Festival in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Melissa Olson posted an update 2 years ago

    Whoa! So excited. I was recently approached by a curator here in the area who is interested in partnering to create a new audio documentary about a Native artist. Hopefully, more soon!

  • Melissa Olson posted an update 2 years ago

    Our documentary Stolen Childhoods did receive an award from the MN Society of Professional Journalists in the Special Projects in Radio category. We are very honored to have received praise and recognition from the MN SBJ. Thanks Tiwahe and Cohort 1 for your support! Onward!

  • Melissa Olson posted an update 2 years ago

    Lynn Braveheart and I will be speaking at Prairie Talks in Rigby, North Dakota on July 23rd! I will attempt to create an event page soon!

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  • I also wanted to mention that Nancy Hauck allowed me to download photos that she took for Tiwahe from her page. (These include the images posted on this site). Having professional photographs has been a HUGE help. When invited to present for Prairie Talks, the organizer asked for a photo and I was able to zip her a couple of these photos!

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